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4 04 2007

Seriously, who writes checks in stores anymore?  It never fails that I get behind some brainiac writing a check when I’m in hurry to get home and sit on my bum.

Yesterday, I hopped into the “Express Lane” at the grocery store.  To me “express” means quick, rapid, in and out.  And writing a check is none of those things.  Not one, but TWO people in front of me wrote checks.  Are you effing kidding me??  Come ON, Myrtle, surely you have a debit card or credit card in your satchel.  Dig it out and let’s get on with it! 




One response

25 03 2008

Oh… you are too funny, and definitely my kind of people. I am going to have to read your blog from the beginning. But will start again tomorrow… it’s almost 2am here and I have work.

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