My perspective on Life

10 04 2007

My basic mindset on life is to keep my expectations low.    But I am not pessimistic.  Hear me out.  If I expect the worst, I am never disappointed.  But it’s never that bad.  And the good that comes my way, I cherish and get excited about it.  I get so excited about it.

I work with psych patients (which I think almost everyone is, the fine line is whether or not hospitalization is involved) and I think that situations would be more tolerable if they didn’t expect everything to be great and perfect.  I realize that I am making a broad generalization.  I am NOT speaking of psychotic, demented, schizophrenic, other brain disorders or chemically-induced depression.  I am speaking of situational depression, when one’s idea of how things should go does not match with reality.  I am talking about basic view of situations. 

You may not agree, but it works for me. 




One response

17 04 2007
Jurgen Nation

I know exactly what you mean. EXACTLY. Whenever I tell people that I expect the worst, they sort of recoil and say something like, “well, *that’s* not good.” Well, yeah, it kind of is. That way you get the warm, fuzzy YAY! when it works out and you’re not completely dejected when it doesn’t.

I totally get you and agree 100%

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