24 04 2007

My parenting style is generally from the philosophy of “Love and Logic,” in that I offer choices to my son and he lives with the consequences of these choices, be them good or bad.  The following is an incident that occured while my mom was watching Jake one afternoon. 

Nana had prepared lunch for 4-year-old Jake.  That lunch consisted of hot dog and spinach.  Jake, being the stubborn intellect that he is, refuses to eat said spinach.  Nana DEMANDS that he eat the spinach.  (Nana parents differently than MOM.)  Nana then decides to offer Jake a choice concerning the certainly cold spinach.  So she says, “Jake eat that spinach, or I will give you a spanking.”  Huh? 

Jake quickly and cooly responds, “I’ll take a spanking.”

Yet another reason why I adore this boy.  




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