Post #11

25 04 2007

Here are my answers to the interview questions from my very favorite blogger Stacy. They are great questions. I even cried a little while answering some.  

1.  You work with psych patients.  I envy you.  I think I might love you.  Why?  Because mental illness needs advocates, as you are undoubtedly well aware.  Describe your most rewarding moment with a patient that made you think, “I really love what I do.”

I do love being an advocate because that is a population that needs a voice.  Other than the ones in their head.  I have the “I love this job” experience often.  I have to or else I would not go back.  Also, I find intristic rewards-just knowing that it is a highly stressful, highly undesirable job.  And I don’t always like it.  This job is challenging and tests every fiber of my being. 

When we treated adolescent patients, I experienced loving my job more due to the fact that you could see the kids “get it” and get better.  But we closed that unit.  Damn shame. On the other hand, our adult population rarely get better.  We only hope for stablization.  We have many, what we call “frequent fliers”-patients who have repeated admissions.  I feel that I have built friendships with many of these people.  It is heartbreaking when we see in the obituaries that a former patient has completed suicide.  It is a failure. 

The best that we hope for is stabilization.  Which is really the best that anyone can hope for, whether hospitalization is involved or not.

2.  I’ve been nostalgic lately, so I have to ask: what was your favorite thing to do at the playground? 

The swing.  My childhood was not the most pleasant experience.  I would swing and swing, higher and higher, hoping and praying that I would be able to catapult myself out of my life, my world.  It never worked, but it was fun trying.

3.  Tell us about your blog.  Where did “Gooly” come from?  What about your website name?  Why did you start a blog?

Gooly-I made up.  I think I see “Google” so much and I’m pretty goofy, so just merged the two.

My website was originally “Big Trash,” which my husband had written on the dry erase board on our fridge when our neighborhood had big trash day.  I didn’t like it.    So I sought out a word that rhymed with trash.

I started it because I feel that I have a plethora of stories from my life-working at the hospital, and I also work at a school with autistic kids, and my son.  And I am a freak about noticing people’s behavior.  And sometimes it’s funny.  Not me being a freak. The behavior that I notice.

4.  Think of all the teachers you’ve ever had.  Describe your favorite.  Do you know which one your mom liked best?  (I ask because my mom’s favorite was the one I hated most.  In retrospect, she was really good, but I hated her.) 

My mom and I probably had the same favorite.  Miss Carr.  She was my first grade teacher.  I liked her because our first names are the same.  She was really nice.  That was the only year my mom was very interested in my schooling.  After that, she rarely went to any Open Houses or Carnivals or other school activities.  So, Miss Carr was really the only teacher that my mom got to know.

5.  If you could be Jake for a day, what would you like to feel regarding the way he sees the world at his age?  And if he could be you, what lesson or feeling would you most want him to take back to childhood? 

I would like to feel what he feels when his dad and I fight.  I try to avoid that situation, but my husband is not as cautious.  I know that it effects him and I want him to be happy.  The question lies therein:  Is he happier with us together or would he be happier with us apart?

I would like him to see that life is hard, it is unfair and that people can be mean.  Yet, there is beauty to be found, joy to be had and love to be shared.




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