Oh Lord, I am my mother.

19 06 2007

I just ran off some neighbor kids for being rude and mean to some younger kids, namely Jake.  For the love of God and all that is holy, DO NOT mess with my boy.  This behavior has been building for weeks.  I have seen these kids and their attitudes treat the younger kids horribly.  And I waited, to see how the younguns reacted.  And to see if anything got better or worse.  The attitudes and the behavior all got worse.  And out came Momma Bear.  She WAS NOT HAPPY.  Nor was she tolerating this behavior.  Usually, I’m no good when I’m mad and trying to make a point.  But, today, I pulled something particularly stellar from God knows where. 

“If you want attitude, I will show you attitude bigger and badder than you could ever imagine.”

“I don’t know why you think you can treat people this way, but you will not get very far in this world doing so.  Rudeness is unacceptable and it wil not happen.  Not while I’m around.”

I’m pretty sure that I was shaking at that point.  I hate injustice and rudeness.  Especially when it is aimed at my boy, who is already going through enough. 

 And thus ends this weeks episode of “Stretching my short arm of the law” or, as Jake might call it, “My life is over and I will never have any friends.  Ever.”


Why do you have to be that way?

16 06 2007

Really, I should just stop asking that question, especially when it concerns my soon-to be, but not soon enough, ex husband.  I received a letter from the Car insurance company that I have been taken off the policy. That’s fine. Just tell me! It’s no big deal to get insurance, but had I not received this letter, I would have been driving around without insurance. Which is a big deal and potentially, a huge financial deal.  I know that he’s just trying to get to me. And I need to stop allowing myself to get upset and just remember, what comes around, goes around.

Perfect Observation

16 06 2007

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend time with a precious elderly gentleman who was “visiting” the psych ward. He is a well-educated man with over seven decades of life under his belt. He is kind and thoughtful, attributes that few people have who visit us.

While sitting in his bed, looking out the door to the nurses’ station, he says, “A lot activity goes on out there.”

 “Yes,” I reply.

“And most of it is inexplicable.” 

My sentiments exactly.