Romeo, Romeo….

2 07 2007

This story is almost too much for me.  It’s embarrassing, humiliating, yet exciting.  I’m really not sure how to feel about what transpired, so I’ll just spill it.

I work with a nurse who has been trying to set me up with her son for well over two years.  Timing was always off for him and me, so we never met and I got reeled back into a relationship with Jake’s dad.  And what a nightmarish ride that has been.  But I digress.  One day shortly after I left the soon to be ex, Peg says, “Tina!  So when are you having another baby??”

“No time soon….I’m getting a divorce,” I tearfully reply.  She was and is very supportive.  And she still wants to set me up with her son.  So a few weeks go by and I give her my number to give to her son.  And no call comes.  He feels weird, she says, having his mom set him up.  I can buy that, so I give her my email, thinking that it would be a more anonymous way to get to know each other.  Again, nothing.  I figured that he wasn’t really interested and didn’t think much about it.

Weeks later, Peg invites me to go to happy hour for a going away party for her daughter, Amanda.  Long story even longer, I end up driving Amanda’s car home since she had too much to drink.  Well, Amanda lives with Chris, the son, and I know Peg well enough to know that she was cooking up something.  We get to Chris’ house and I tell Peg that I’m not going in. 

“He’s coming out,” she replies with a devilish grin.  Not two seconds later,  out walks Chris and Peg introduces us, though we had seen each other before.  I made some stupid joke, as I’m known to do when I’m uncomfortable, and Chris laughed.  Peg sneaked back into her car and I’ve got my hand on the handle to get in her car so she can take me home.  That is when Chris walks toward me, hems and haws and asks me for a date.  He’s so shy, I find it precious.  Yet I know his mother and I’m certain that she threatened not to leave until he asked me out.  I accepted, although I have yet to hear from him. 

I find it wonderful knowing the only date I can get is from a guy who’s mother is threatening and, likely, bribing him to go out with me.  At least it’s not my own mother doing the threatenting and bribing.  Yet.




2 responses

4 07 2007

Hahaha! Bless your heart, love. A date’s a date. Blind date, smelly date, love at first sight date.

You go out there and have a GREAT date! *muak*

7 07 2007

You know, I’m at the point now where I live by the saying “beggers can’t be choosers!” BUT I’m sure that you have fair better chances than I at getting a date…I’m working on it though!

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