How I love my sweet boy….

13 10 2007

And how he cracks me up.

Jake has been so funny lately.  He has lots of fake tattoos and he asked the other day when he could get some real ink.  I asked him how he knew that and he replied, “Mom, you are looking at a kid who watches a lot of TV.”

He asked me to buy him some Axe body spray, as he has seen the commercials.  So we buy it and he is in the yard, getting ready to douse himself with, what he thinks is chick magnet potion.  “Watch the chicks come running,” he says.  After spraying himself, no chicks in sight, but all the neighborhood dogs are going crazy.  Then my sweet seven-year-old says, “Well, I didn’t get any chicks, but it sure riled up the dogs!”

Jake has also taken to doing a pretty good Christopher Walken impression.  I can not express how hilarious this is.  Jake wants to be an actor and if he can pull off a Walken impression at seven, then I think he has a pretty good shot at it. 

I so enjoy being his mom and my fondness for him grows everyday.  It’s one thing to love your kid because he’s your kid, it’s something altogether different to be able to cherish and appreciate who your child is growing up to be.  I’m so excited for him and his future.




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