Back on the wagon…

14 10 2007

The healthy living wagon, that is!  I have not had a cigarette for a week!  My cravings have been minimal and I was able to easily resist the temptation today when I went to Starbucks with my dear friend Melanie.  It’s our “thing” to smoke while we have coffee.  She even had my favorites-Dunhills.  She smoked and I talked.  It was great.

I’m eating better-healthier.  I played tennis, walked on the treadmill for 20.  I feel awesome!  And I expect that it will only get better from here!   

Part of my motivation is the anticipation of hearing about a job that I interviewed for last week.  It will be wonderful to work one job and make more than I make from working two jobs.  And less hours.  Potential for advancement, travel, and lots of other perks.  I’m excited to get a “big girl job,” as my sister called it.  I say it’s about freaking time!  But my focus for 8 years has been Jake.  He is growing up to be an amazing man-I couldn’t be more proud.  And I will still be here, just not as available as when I was working for the school district.  I look forward to being able to provide more for him and take him on awesome vacations.  I asked him where he wanted to go on our first vacay and he said, “New York, to see the Eiffel Tower.”  He cracks me up.  We will probably go to NYC on our first trip, but obviously not seeing the Eiffel Tower.  One day we will get to Europe.

I am excited to get my life together.  It will be fantastic!




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14 10 2007

oh oh I want to go!!!! can I go? Please please please!!!! Jakey cracks me up to, especially the AXE spray story!! Too cute!

14 10 2007
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15 10 2007

congrats. that is fun stuff to begin to realize about our lives… i’m right along with you. enjoy.

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