Now why don’t you sing with me…

16 10 2007

Last week, my friend Jen was in town from Denver and we were trying to decide what to do with our time.  I suggested going to Ameristar Casino, since we hardly ever go gambling.  Let me preface this story by saying that 1.) I drove, therefore I didn’t drink.  That much.  Jen, however, was quite toasty.  2.) Jen has a four-year-old daughter.

So we are playing blackjack and having fun.  Jen was not doing well and when she was dealt a “12” she would say “F.”  Just the letter.  Not the four-letter word.  I do not cuss like a sailor.  But when I enter an establishment where I KNOW that everyone there is over 21, I, when frustrated, may let the f-bomb or some other expletive fly.  Not just letters, but full words.

The dealer and another guy at our table picked up Jen’s philosophy of saying just the first letter of four-letter words.  “S” “MF” “F” on and on they went with this.  I became quite annoyed.  I don’t know why really.  It just bugged me.  Finally I say, “What is this?  Sesame Street gambling??  This table is brought to you by the letter “F” and the number 12?!”

I thought it was pretty funny.  I could say that you had to be there, but from the three there, I just received blank stares for my tailor-made joke.  I wrote it off as three people who are equally uptight. 





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