Hold your horses!

17 10 2007

One thing that really annoys me and that is incredibly rude is when people who are waiting for an elevator do not wait for those people who are on the elevator to get off before they try to get on.  Since I work on the 6th floor of a hospital I ride the elevator frequently.  I was riding from the 6th floor to the first floor and when the doors opened, the woman barged on without letting me or the gentleman who was also riding, exit.  I tried to stand in her way and stare her down.   She didn’t even acknowledge her rude behavior.  I know that it may seem petty to some people, but freaking common courtesy, people!  Come on!

I don’t mean to get on a rant, but since I’m already on one, can we talk about the traffic jams that occur in elementary school parking lots?!  It is ridiculous! People drive like they are they only person who has to get kids to school.   It makes it a challenge to control my road rage tendencies.   Yesterday a mom drove on the wrong side of the street, towards oncoming traffic.  And today, with all the rain, well that was just a joke. Three different vehicles stopped completely, for several minutes, in the middle of the driveway.  Oh, and for no apparent reason. Sometimes I can understand stupid behavior if there seems to be a reason, but when there is not one, at least one that is not detectable by me, well that just grinds my gears.

Rant over.  On a lighter note, the other day when I was dropping Jake off at school, one of the dads was directing traffic.  The noteworthy part of the story is that he used red and green light sabers to direct traffic. Hilarious!  He was having a ball with it, too.  I think they should hire him to do that everyday.  Lord knows we need it!

And me?  Clearly I need to get a life if these are the types of things that I’m complaining about.  Ugh.




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