27 11 2007

I love that when people search “intristic rewards,” they are lead to my little site.  I don’t know why…I just do.


Wii heart the Wii

22 11 2007


For Jake’s birthday, as I have mentioned, I bought him us a Nintendo Wii.  I’m addicted to the Wii.  I’m at work right now and I can’t wait to get home to play!  And the only game we have is the Sports bundle that it comes with.  I am WAY into the bowling.  Far too much into it for someone my age.  I spent FOUR HOURS trying to improve/achieve/maintain my “Pro” status.  I am pathetic, I know.  And I need to get a life, but that is whole other story.

The really embarrassing thing (like telling others that I played a video game for 4 hours straight isn’t embarrassing enough) about my Wii extravaganza is that my muscles are sore and tense from my intense bowling form.  My neck, back and arms are all sore.  Sore as in every move that I make I am reminded of my mad bowling skillz.  I almost can’t believe it.  I am sore from playing a video game.  If there was any question before, which I doubt that there was, it is now official-I am a complete and total nerd. 

This succession of events indicates to me that A. I need to go to the gym more often so that the Wii does not kick my butt; B. I need to get a life(yes, it was previously mentioned but the more I tell myself, the more likely it may be to happen.  Yeah, right.)  C. Not fight with my son over his system.  I am sure that there are more points to make, but my playtime cut into my sleep time.  My brain is mush.

Funny little boy

19 11 2007

Jake has been cracking me up! Yesterday, we had a little birthday party for him. It was small, just family.  His parties the past 3 years have been big and expensive.  This year, I decided to keep it simple. My two sisters, my niece and my two nephews, as well as my mom and step-dad all joined the festivities.  We hung out for about 4 hours, enjoying pizza and cake and ice cream.  I bought him a Wii and a Bionicle Lego toy.  Everyone else gave him money.  It was an intimate simple gathering. Later that day Jake told me that it was “the best 4 hours of his life.”

When we got home and got the Wii hooked up, he kept telling me that I was “an angel sent from heaven.” What a doll! That alone(and the look on his face when he opened it) was worth the money spent on the system and ALL of the accessories that I will be buying in the near future.  It is a blast, too! I don’t know who likes it more-him or me!

 Later, when he is bathing, I say, “Hey, let’s get you out, dry, and in your PJ’s.”

He replies,”Mom, can’t I just enjoy my bath?”

I often think he’s a thirty-eight-year-old man trapped in the body of an almost-eight year-old.  It is so much fun being his mom!  I am more proud of him everyday!

Relationship Advice.

17 11 2007

I came across a person at work who brought ALL of his clothing.  In trash bags.  Probably 50 pounds worth.  No joke.  I made a comment about how long he intended to stay.  He then claimed to not “mean” to bring his entire wardrobe.  I replied that for someone NOT meaning to do something, he did a good job.  He started rambling about how his “ol’ lady” kicked him out.  It was all her fault by his account. 

Later I find out that she kicked him out because he smoked all the crack.  Huh. Note to self: don’t smoke all the crack.

And then I realize just how wonderful my life is. 

Settle down, ladies

11 11 2007

Well, the divorce is final and ladies at both of my jobs are trying to set me up with men they know.  (Blind dates!! Yipee!)(One is a former Chiefs player)(Tempting)  I truly appreciate the thoughts and concerns,  but can we let the ink on the divorce papers dry before we get going on the next adventure?  And, HELLO! I have two jobs and a son to raise.  I don’t have much free time to go out gallivanting on any dates.

Besides, I’m not sure I am ready.   I’ve got some healing to do.  And really?  This girl just wants to have fun.  It has been one hell-of-a-year.  Give me a minute.  Let me catch my breath and regroup.   Thanks.  

Life is good

11 11 2007

I feel like a different person.  So happy.  I have laughed so much in the last two days that my face hurts.  I am just having so much fun.  All that I’ve really been doing is working, but I’m making the most of it and have been laughing and cracking jokes.   

I met a lady who was a total crack up.  She had on 3 watches.  I asked her why she had three watches.  “East coast, west coast,” she replied.  She was laughing at me laughing at her and said that we could have a great time laughing over some tequila.  “Ooo…tequila, I’m not too sure about that.” 

“Oh, we can make it non-alcoholic tequila.”  Eww…what’s the point?? 

I asked her how many grandkids she had.  “I have two poodles,” she says.

After a while, I started to feel like I was in a skit for Chappelle’s Show.  It was fun.

She told me that I needed a makeover.  Nice.

Then again, she also said that she was seriously injured in the head, so I will consider my source.

**DISCLAIMER: I realize that I am over tired and this is probably only funny to me.  Maybe you had to be there. 

Paranoia will destroy ya

9 11 2007

This makes me sick. These men can do what they want, that’s fine, I guess. That is not my problem with it. My problem is that now that Jake is 7 going on 8, I let him go into the men’s restroom alone. I don’t really “let” him. He refuses to go into the women’s restroom. I suppose I don’t really blame him. But, believe me, it drives me absolutely crazy watching him go in. I stand at the door listening for any strange noises and glare at any man who walks in. If Jake is in there for more then 45 seconds, I am panicking.  

Some call it paranoia, I prefer to call it hyper-awareness.

So, now what am I going to do? Not let him use public restrooms?  Well, not the ones with stalls.  Only the ones that are just one room, one toilet.  Like at Starbucks.  

And I need to put him in a bubble.  Then I can relax.