Ouchy Ouch Ouch

8 11 2007

22613215.jpgAn incidence at work: 

  A patient was in severe head pain AND was freaking out, yelling, ranting, threatening.  Three nurses were in with him, got tired of his behavior and then left.  So, I went into his room so that he wasn’t alone.  He starts freaking out, wanting to talk to a nurse.  Knowing that I am not a nurse, he gets up and tries to walk out of the room.  As he is stumbling around, I know that he is going down, so I throw my arms around him and guide him to a chair.  Which is located against the wall.  So, not only do I totally twist my back, I hit my head on the wall.  I’m sure it looked like I was sacking a QB, but he immediately starts complaining about how I “pushed” him.  Ugh. 

Now my back is burning, it hurts so bad and I have a headache.  I don’t know if it’s from banging it into the wall or all of his ranting and raving.  This pretty much sums up how my back feels.  I hope I can sleep tonight.  Everyone says I should have just let him fall.  It’s an option, but if you are in that situation, it is difficult to just idly stand by and watch someone fall. 

So I am in pain, and I go to court in the morning to, hopefully, finalize the divorce.  Because, no, the papers were not ready for me to sign so I get to take another morning off work.  I really want to wear my new red suit to court, but I know that it’s a little flashy, so I will wear my new black suit.  And really?  I have more pressing issues that what I will be wearing tomorrow.  Like, will I be able to walk upright?  We will see.  I may be hunched over and screaming in pain, but I will look fabulous, dammit.

Please God, let me wake up with feeling fine and let tomorrow be the last day that I am married to that particular person.  Please, please, please.



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