Paranoia will destroy ya

9 11 2007

This makes me sick. These men can do what they want, that’s fine, I guess. That is not my problem with it. My problem is that now that Jake is 7 going on 8, I let him go into the men’s restroom alone. I don’t really “let” him. He refuses to go into the women’s restroom. I suppose I don’t really blame him. But, believe me, it drives me absolutely crazy watching him go in. I stand at the door listening for any strange noises and glare at any man who walks in. If Jake is in there for more then 45 seconds, I am panicking.  

Some call it paranoia, I prefer to call it hyper-awareness.

So, now what am I going to do? Not let him use public restrooms?  Well, not the ones with stalls.  Only the ones that are just one room, one toilet.  Like at Starbucks.  

And I need to put him in a bubble.  Then I can relax.




2 responses

9 11 2007

What makes you sick about it? That it’s two men, or that they screw in bathrooms.

9 11 2007

That they do it in bathrooms where potentially my son could see them. I feel equally as strongly toward a hetersexual couple having sex in a bathroom, which is likely as well, but that is not what the article is about.

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