Life is good

11 11 2007

I feel like a different person.  So happy.  I have laughed so much in the last two days that my face hurts.  I am just having so much fun.  All that I’ve really been doing is working, but I’m making the most of it and have been laughing and cracking jokes.   

I met a lady who was a total crack up.  She had on 3 watches.  I asked her why she had three watches.  “East coast, west coast,” she replied.  She was laughing at me laughing at her and said that we could have a great time laughing over some tequila.  “Ooo…tequila, I’m not too sure about that.” 

“Oh, we can make it non-alcoholic tequila.”  Eww…what’s the point?? 

I asked her how many grandkids she had.  “I have two poodles,” she says.

After a while, I started to feel like I was in a skit for Chappelle’s Show.  It was fun.

She told me that I needed a makeover.  Nice.

Then again, she also said that she was seriously injured in the head, so I will consider my source.

**DISCLAIMER: I realize that I am over tired and this is probably only funny to me.  Maybe you had to be there. 



One response

11 11 2007

Hey, she sounds like a blast! I want to meet her!

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