Wii heart the Wii

22 11 2007


For Jake’s birthday, as I have mentioned, I bought him us a Nintendo Wii.  I’m addicted to the Wii.  I’m at work right now and I can’t wait to get home to play!  And the only game we have is the Sports bundle that it comes with.  I am WAY into the bowling.  Far too much into it for someone my age.  I spent FOUR HOURS trying to improve/achieve/maintain my “Pro” status.  I am pathetic, I know.  And I need to get a life, but that is whole other story.

The really embarrassing thing (like telling others that I played a video game for 4 hours straight isn’t embarrassing enough) about my Wii extravaganza is that my muscles are sore and tense from my intense bowling form.  My neck, back and arms are all sore.  Sore as in every move that I make I am reminded of my mad bowling skillz.  I almost can’t believe it.  I am sore from playing a video game.  If there was any question before, which I doubt that there was, it is now official-I am a complete and total nerd. 

This succession of events indicates to me that A. I need to go to the gym more often so that the Wii does not kick my butt; B. I need to get a life(yes, it was previously mentioned but the more I tell myself, the more likely it may be to happen.  Yeah, right.)  C. Not fight with my son over his system.  I am sure that there are more points to make, but my playtime cut into my sleep time.  My brain is mush.



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22 11 2007
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