Jake’s Birthday

1 12 2007

Yesterday was Jake’s 8th birthday…holy cow! I managed to keep a human being alive and healthy and happy for 8 years!  Amazing!  We had a blast-his dad and I took him to Dave&Busters.  A few of Jake’s dad’s friends showed up and we ate dinner and played games.  My favorites are Skeeball and Galaga.  Jake spent most of his time at the “claw” machine.  Spending $10 on 50 cents worth of candy.  So that was fun.

My mom hadn’t called Jake or me yesterday, so on our way to D&B, I had him call her and say,”Nana did you forget what day it is?”  I think she played it off for him, but when she talked to me, she told me that she couldn’t believe that she forgot Jake’s birthday.  She has always blatantly favored my middle sister over me and my youngest sis, but now she is favoring my middle sis’ kids over Jake and my niece.  It’s ridiculous.  And it makes me mad.  For Jake.  Are you kidding me???  How do you forget your grandchild’s birthday, especially your first born grandchild??  I’m not asking for much….am I?

And I had a date planned for after our celebration at D&B.  I was to call him when we were done, so I did.  He wanted me to come to his house where he was hanging out with his friends.  I started to head the way and I realized how much of a bad idea that was.  So I went to Macy’s instead.  He called and I told him I wasn’t meeting him at his house, but that we could meet somewhere else.  He resisted this idea, but then told me that his friends were leaving soon and he would call me when they left.  The time at that point was about 9:30.  He called at 1am.  I didn’t answer. 
And likely never will again.

This did nothing to restore my faith in the male species.  Oh well.




2 responses

1 12 2007

Tell Jakey that I said HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!

My mom sounds very similar to yours in the sense that they have favorites. I’ve learned not to take stock into what she says or how she treats my children (her only grandchildren), especially since I’ve moved 600+ miles away.

I have a dating disaster story for you as well and it involves the guy having a girlfriend hmm…men are icky!

2 12 2007
Big Pumpkin

Oh honey…..*hug*

As for Mom, just accept that she is what she is and nothing will change that. Be grateful that YOU have turned out to be such a better person *lucky Jake*. As much as it hurts, we do not know the reasons why people do the things they do, but resisting it and allowing it to eat you, is not fair on you. Because you deserve better and you WILL get better. That is your stance.

As for that date, if he knew your story, he was being quite insensitive. So chuck him. There are lovely men out there. Unfortunately, they only appear when you least expect it and BANG! Someone out turns up and is willing to sweep you off your feet and lick the floor you walk on! I’m seeing that happen around my friends here anyway….*smile*

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