A Few Good Things

6 12 2007

First of all, we has our first snow today!  It came down most of the day and painted a nice scenery, even for being at work, which was quite fun-we decorated the office.  One good thing about working for a school district is praying for snow days!  No school=no work!  Even though I don’t work directly with kids!  Yay! Unfortunately, the weather is not so bad as to call a snow day.  Not yet anyway. 

Each winter I look forward to making hot cocoa, from scratch, for Jake when he comes in out of the snow.  Today when I picked him up from school, the first thing he said was, “Mom, will you make me some hot cocoa?”  I did, of course, and it was delicious.  Though it could have been better with a little, or a lot, of Bailey’s.  For me, not for Jake.

After a moderately decent night’s sleep, I am able to think more like someone my age and less like a 15-year-old hormonal girl.  Somewhat.  I think the guy from work is acting a little kooky.  I have factored in the cultural difference (He is from a country in Africa), as well as the communication barrier.  His accent is thick and most of the time I ask him to repeat himself.  More than once.  Anyway, I think friends with everyone is what is best and I, clearly, am not ready for anything more than that.  It is good to feel like a grown up, instead of a freshman in high school.

Thanks, friends, for your support and your advice.  What would I do without you?? 

And now for one bad thing…I am in serious hate with my computer.  It has a mind of its own and I do not like it!  Most of the time I want to throw it out the window.  GRRRR!!



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