Merry Christmas

22 12 2007
Working on a psych unit, there are generally times of the year when we slow down and our census is low.  Christmas time is usually one of them.  Not this year.  We have been crazy busy and I have been working tons.

What makes me sad is that the hospital is better than being at home for these people.  I know that many have burned bridges with family and have few, if any friends.  Many do have children, though.  But they prefer being in the hospital.  I can not imagine not wanting to be with friends and family on the holidays.  Even if I had no family, I have friends that I would celebrate with.  It just seems really sad to me.

I noticed myself tonight being extra nice, thoughtful and considerate to the patients.  I didn’t necessarily plan on it, it just happened.  And most are extremely grateful, which reinforces the behavior.  After my shift tonight, I decided that I need to try to be on my game and sincerely meet the needs that arise.  If being in the hospital is better than being at home, then for this week, I am family to these people.  Every little kind act makes such a huge difference.  For the first time in a long time, I am loving my job.  Which is good since I am working so much. 

And it helps me to appreciate all the blessings in my life.  I have a great family, for the most part.  And some wonderful friends.  I am truly blessed.




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