Two Stories

27 12 2007

The first one is funny.  And the second one is not funny.  At all.  In fact, it is extremely sad.  So we will start with funny.

My friend, Melanie, went to Boston recently and I gave her some money to get Jake a Harvard t-shirt.  Today, I gave the shirt to Jake to wear and explained to him that if he graduates from this university, then he can work anywhere he wants.  His response?  “You mean I can even work in Mexcio?!?”

Yes, that would be my luck.  Shell out 200K for an education and he goes on to make 5 grand PER YEAR working in Mexico.  He totally cracks me up.

Now for the sad.  My step-sister had been on heroine for a while.  She was on it years ago, came clean and now is back on it hard core.  My step-dad has supported her and defended her for years, despite her behavior.  A couple of years ago, she lost custody of her son.  The story is long and she is just a train wreck.  And while I feel some sympathy for her, my heart breaks for my step-dad.  He had tried and given her every opportunity to get her life together.  He gives her tens of thousands of dollars every year to “help” her.  At this time, she is homeless, jobless, friendless and has an incredibly strong addiction.  She agreed to treatment, but then ran off and said she would be back later tonight.  I feel strong empathy for my step-dad because she is doing to him what my dad did to my sisters and I.  Nothing is more frustrating than pouring yourself into someone, hoping and praying this person starts to make GOOD choices and turn his or her life around.  I picture a black hole swirling and all efforts and love and support get sucked in and tossed into nowhere.  The pain that causes is indescribable.  All we can do at this point is pray and hope for her sake and the sake of my step-dad that she can and will pull herself together.  Keep them in your prayer if it crosses your mind.




One response

28 12 2007

Hey Girly! Jake is such a funny boy! I’m really sorry to hear about your step sister. I have a cousin who is a drug addict and it use to make me so sad that she was in that state of existence, but what angered me more was that no one wanted to help her. Your step dad is a strong man to watch his child go through something as strong as an addiction and still loves her unconditionally. I think that it must be really hard for him, trying to help her and see his efforts fail. Your sister and your dad are in my prayers.

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