Musings on Life

29 12 2007

This evening, I went to Argosy with 2 friends from work and their significant others.  We had dinner, we gambled and then went back for a delectable dessert.  Yum!  Dinner was great.  Gambling was horrible:  I played blackjack and I haven’t seen a beating like that since someone put a banana in this guy’s pants and let the monkey loose.  No really, it was bad.  But I digress….At first, I felt like the fifth wheel and the poor, sad divorcee.  Yet, after really thinking about it, hanging out with these folks gave me hope.  They are all 20+ years older than me and all divorced.  It is possible.  They are happy, they have issues as we all do.  M’s boyfriend takes medication and knows that without it, he just does not function well in a relationship.  So he takes it.  I applaud him.  In fact, I think pretty much everyone should be on, or have some anti-anxiety meds handy.  I suggest we put Xanax salt-licks on street corners.  And at entrances to stores, work places…everywhere.

I am reading a great book by M. Scott Peck, TheRoad Less Travelled and Beyond: Spiritual Growth in an Age of Anxiety.  I have love, love, LOVED every book of his that I have read.  He does an amazing job of taking real life issues and integrating spirituality and Christianity with psychiatric issues and problems.  We all have them.  These reads have changed my life, and how I view people and issues at work and in life.  I highly recommend them.




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