How to know you are working too much…

7 01 2008

1. You get into an argument with an elderly patient with dementia.  And she wins.

2. There is a laundry pile the size of a mini-Cooper in your room.

3. When you get home from a long night at work, you not only forget to lock the door, you forget to shut it.  Not good.

4. Your son grows 4 inches since you’ve seen him last.  😦

5. You get into another argument with another patient because he called you a “BITCH.”  Repeatedly. 

6. You feel like you have taken leave of your senses.  Or they have taken a leave from you??

7. You are the only one laughing at your “jokes.”

8. You work 40 hours in 3 days.  And sleep only 8 hours in 3 days.

I keep telling myself that I will slow down.  I just don’t know if I can.  I try…I really do.  I do take days off more, but for months, I have worked between 50-70 hours per week, averaging around 60+.  I’m cranky and tired.  I have scheduled myself only 6 shifts at the hospital for the month of January.  I am sure that I will work more, but at least I am not going into the month knowing that I will be working 60+ hours per week. 

I’m taking a “vacation” too.  I am going to Denver to see my friend Jen for a weekend.  It will be a blast and I am so excited to get away.

My goal for the new year is to make good choices.  So far, it has gone well.  I quite smoking.  Again.  I feel better and my energy is better.  I am eating better and will get to the gym tomorrow.  I attended church and it was awesome.  Love it.  Can’t wait to go next week.  I am working on being nicer.  Working on a psych unit tends to make one a little edgy…to say the least.  I am here to make money…not friends.  But I can still be nicer.  There is more, I’m sure, but that is all my tired mind is able to recall. 

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. ~ Plato




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