11 01 2008

I have three things to post about, but will roll them into one because I have been up since 5am.  I went to the gym!  And ran!  Fast!  Well, fast for me, at 30 second intervals, that’s a pretty good start.

So, the ex was telling me about how the women that he has been dating, all remind him of me.  And my biggest concern?  I wasn’t jealous, I was worried that my dog would become more attached to one of them than he is to me.  I know that no one will replace me in Jake’s eyes, ever.  I would hope that his dad would choose someone who would get along with Jake and have his best interests at heart.  And I remind myself that my issue about the dog is not a big deal.  Right? 

I need a new computer.  I have ADD and my computer can not handle me checking this and that and playing solitaire and booting up iTunes and on and on, trying to get it to do 20 quadillion things at once until she locks up on me and then I just want to throw her out the freaking window!!!  I will get one soon. 

I did an admission tonight at the hospital.  It was a post-partum case, the couple came in with their precious baby.  And, anyone who knows me, knows how much I love kids, and babies?  They turn me to mush.  So our secretary puts this sweet family in the hall.  Of a psych unit.  With a BABY!!!!  Seriously, WTH???  I was furious.  It is unlikely that the baby would have been hurt, but I am not one to take risks.  Unless it is my heart on the line and I am putting it in the hands of a complete ass.  Then, apparently, I am all in.  Kidding. 

Anyway, back to this sweet young family.  I lead them into a room where they can be comfortable and safe.  I am going through my admission paperwork, trying to be helpful to this precious family.  Everyone in the room was crying except the baby.  I don’t think they saw me tearing up.  Can you imagine??  Checking into a psych unit and the intake staff can’t keep it together??  Just the thought of this family spending time apart, the dynamics of it all, absolutely broke my heart.  And I ask if they have family to help with the baby.  “No,” the reply.  Oh, Lord, I had to leave.  I really wanted to offer to watch the baby.  I am aware that is crossing the line, professionally.  I still wanted to.

One more thing.  I may have decided what I want to be when (IF) I grow up.  I am going to get and MPA-Master’s in Public Administration.  This degree fits all of my gifts and interests.  So I am going to go for it.  Because, you know, I have SO much free time.

That’s it for today.  I am aware that I am all over the board, but you were warned of my ADD tendencies.  Blessing to all. 




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