Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

16 01 2008

But I did anyway.  And I feel crappy about it.  Kind of.

My mom’s friend had this wonderful guy that she wanted to set me up with.  The plan was for me and my mom to go over to her house and the Suitor would be there and we would fall in love and live happily ever after.  Or something like that.  My first clue to abort the mission should have been the fact that my mother was involved.  She does not see things as I see them. 

So my mom picks me up (this wreaks of a junior high dance) and we arrive at the friend’s house.  I just have two words: pornstache moustache and ponytail.  No and no.  I like facial hair, in appropriate forms, but a caterpillar on your top lip does not fall into that category. 

I kept telling myself to keep an open mind and give the guy a chance, which I did.  And he is friendly and funny.  But he has a pornstache and I just can’t get over that fact.  And I am not about changing a man. 

I know it has been said many times, and due to this situation, it bears repeating….I am a total dork. 

Oh yeah, and I my computer went kaput, so I have to go to the library to use the computer.  What fun.  Gotta run.  It’s closing time at the library.   And they are kicking us out.  I hate the idea of going home to no computer.  Maybe it’s a good thing, but I sure do miss it. =(



One response

16 01 2008

omg, not a pornstache! hilarious. steer clear of the mom set-up. tsk tsk.

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