Novocaine and a beautiful day

4 02 2008

Heather continues to be such an inspiration to me and her posts are reminders to just be thankful.  Troubles will pass.  I have been and will continue working on being grateful.  It’s easy to complain about this or that, but it just as easy to give God thanks for all that he has given.  And He is so generous.

Today, I’m thankful for such beautiful weather and the fact that after my third visit (that’s about 5 hours total of “open wide”) to the dentist today since Wednesday, I am done.  Well for 6 months at least, which is good-my jaw is sore.  And let me just THANK GOD for Novocaine. 

I grateful that I took the rest of the day off.  I treated myself to a strawberry shake and am thinking about taking a nap.  But I think I will do laundry instead.  I am thankful for good music

For the fact that Jake got up this morning, with no complaining, got dressed and ready to go and was standing at the door when it was time to go, I am grateful.  He is such a blessing. 

God is good.




One response

5 02 2008

I just have to comment because this is too odd…there are two blogs i check daily (religiously), i found them about the same time as each other. They are both written by a “Heather”. They seem about 10 worlds apart….until today. The Web is seemingly making the world a smaller place. 🙂

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