9 02 2008

So this morning, I am walking out of the apartment to go to work and I notice something.  Climbing the tree.  It’s a squirrel.  But I stop dead in my tracks because….

this squirrel is shimmying up the tree with an ENTIRE DOUGHNUT IN IT’S MOUTH!!!  I’m not even kidding.  It was the funniest thing.  Unfortunately, it took me a few seconds to get my wits about me and realize that I NEED TO PHOTOGRAPH THIS MOMENT.  So I whip out my phone and try to get a “great shot” of said squirrel and his enormous breakfast.  I should have just focused on getting ANY shot because I got all nervous trying to get him and his doughnut at the right angle and I made him all nervous.  And he dropped his doughnut. 

So I’m standing there next to his doughnut and he is staring at me like, “Bitch, you better NOT touch my doughnut!”  And I’m waiting for him to shimmy down and retrieve his doughnut so I can click my pic of the week.  I then realized it was a stand off, he wasn’t coming down unless and until I left the scene.  I tried to “pretend” walk away, but he didn’t buy it.  I guess it would take a genius squirrel to manage a doughnut up a tree like that.  So I left him to his beloved doughnut and I made my way to work.

Maybe I can set a trap with a dozen doughnuts?  Clearly, I need to get a life. 




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