30 Things

11 02 2008

I am copying this from Heather, my favorite person to plagiarize.

“The best things about sunny days is that they remind us that the gloomy days are only temporary. Take a minute to list thirty things that are great about your life (and the more trouble you have doing it, the more you need to do it!) Tuck your list somewhere safe and refer to it when you need a reminder that a sunny day is just around the corner… ”
-The Rainy Day Book

Here are 30 of the great things in my life.

1. My son, Jake
2. Family-well, sometimes they are great.
3. My jobs-since I have bills =)
4. That I can see and appreciate all that God has made
5. The church that I go to
6. Friends
7. Laughter
8. My warm apartment
9. The fact the utilities are included in rent
10. A car with NO CAR PAYMENT
11. a warm, cozy bed
12. my health
13. Jake’s health
14. Jake’s imagination, creativity and intelligence
15. Babies! My sister is having one in May!
16. Having the capacity to love
17. Having freedom
18. Grace
19. Redemption
20. Forgiveness
21. Chocolate
22. Music
23. The ability to read
24. my laptop
25. The Bible
26. time spent with Jake
27. Being single
28. My big comfy chair
29. Sundays
30. Jesus and what He has done for us.

What are the great things in your life?




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