On the same wavelength

21 02 2008

My middle sister and I don’t hang out much, but last weekend, we took the kids to McDonald’s.  We were sitting there with our mom talking, watching the kids, and people watching.  The Playplace is the all-time best place to watch people.  Wanna see Psycho-Mom?  And her litter of psycho kidlets?  Just stop by and McD’s Playplace any afternoon, but especially on Saturdays!  Goodness, the blog fodder that trapes in there is, really, too much.

My sisters and I usually can tell what each other is thinking. I’m sitting there, looking around and a man bends over to help this child. And displays his crack. His hairy crack at that.  I started busting out laughing, but I tried to control it until my sister could see it for herself.  She faced that way, and I know it was just a matter of time until she saw it.  I stared at her and tried to maintain composure, watching, waiting… until Yahtzee!  I knew when the crack entered her view by the look on her face. It was priceless!  Then we busted out laughing uncontrollably until we both had tears in our eyes.

Tomorrow, my mom flies to Texas for the weekend.  I offered to take her to the airport for her 7:30am flight.  She lets me know that my middle sister wants to take her so that she can borrow her car.  No problem, I was kind glad NOT to have wake up at 5am.  Well, it turns out that my sister still wants me to go. Because she’s not sure how to get back from the airport.  Umm…how about the way you get there in the first place?  So I’m  gettig up at the crack (ha! crack) to be her GPS?  uh-huh.  She’s buying my breakfast, I immediately say to Mom.   Mom tells me that Sis has already planned on it.  She knows me so well.  And that can be a good and a bad thing. She loves to tell all the “embarrassing Tina” stories.  And there are many of those.  She remembers and retells every single one.  Not nice.




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