My new BFF

8 03 2008


At work, there was a woman who was…psychotic.  But in the most pleasant way.  Religious preoccupation stood out as one of her main symptoms.  And she was quite vocal about how God was using her and how she was the “Mother Teresa of this institution.”  She talked and talked and I listened.  At times, I found it quite difficult not to just bust out laughing.  I giggled and managed to control it, somewhat.  Didn’t make much difference since, in her state, I don’t think she noticed anyway.  She rambled about Jesus and God and how Jesus’ jump drive was wired to God’s jump drive.  She talked of the hierarchy and the “lowerarchy.”  She even referred to me as Mother Teresa of the institution.  Now THAT is funny.  And endearing.  I appreciated the sentiment, even considering the source.  On and on she went, until retiring, finally, to her room.

As I did rounds, I walked past her room and in she beckoned me.  I was up for more amusement, so I went in to talk to her.  We chatted and I asked her about her pictures and where she lived.  Turns out that she is from the same small town that I am from and she went to school with my cousins.  And when I say small, I mean small.  In 2000, the population was 327.  Honestly, I was hoping this connection would bring her closer to reality-based thinking, but it did not.  What it did was further convince her of some spiritual connection.  She kept telling me that I was the blessed Mother Teresa of the institution.  I didn’t argue with her.  Of course, I know well enough to know that this could not be farther from the truth.  But it was a fixed delusion that I was willing to let her hang on to.  She hugged me and ranted, excitedly.  Then she told me that I act older than I am: I act 45, but look 25.

We both will be holding fast to that delusion.  And I am ordering us BFF necklaces.




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