Quotes of the week

26 03 2008

Well, this, of course.

My sisters and I watch Big Brother 9 faithfully…anyway it had a late start on Sunday due to the NCAA tourney. And we were waiting for 60 Minutes to be over. My youngest sister says, “How long is 60 Minutes on?” I’m not even kidding. I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to answer her question.  It will be a LONG time before she lives that one down.

My mom has a paddle that she has used to threaten to spank the grandkids with when she watched all four of the boys full-time. WHEN THEY WERE TODDLERS.  (Not to excuse, but to explain this behavior).  My middle sis was threatening her kids with spankings if they didn’t eat Easter dinner. Jake says, without skipping a beat…”The paddle’s right there if you need it.” For the record, I neither spank not threaten Jake to eat or anything else for that matter. Which may be why he is so skinny. However, I am not above bribing him.  Oh, and if you expect them to eat Easter dinner, don’t let them eat Easter candy for breakfast.  Just an idea.

That’s all I can think of for now. So tired. I may add to the list…maybe it will be a running list. That could be fun.

WOW. I need to get a life.




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