The irony is not lost on me, Part Deux

26 03 2008

The kids in our family range from 8 to newborn-arriving any day now.  My youngest sis is pregnant and has a two-year-old, so she is relatively new to this parenting thing.  B.C.(before children), she was extremely judgemental about how the other kids behaved-4 boys.  She would rant and criticize and give dirty looks-I’ll never forget it.  She would look and me or my other sister and tell us to get the kids under control.  I was offended at first, as I believe that boys will be boys and if they are having fun and not harming anyone or anything, then there is no problem.  She wanted to be able to hear the TV over the kids or keep the sound level to a dull roar.  She was ruthless about this FOR YEARS.  Then I realized that, one day, she would have her own children.  And I would need to be patient to see this to fruition.

Karma is a bitch.  My niece can make noise and throw tantrums and is Queen of the “Wet Noodle,” a classic toddler move.  When this is going on, someone in our family (usually me =)) suggest that she regain control of her daughter.  COME ON, J.  Can’t you get her to mind??  Classic phrases that she coined while the boys were toddlers.  And it just makes her more mad.  She is the first person to point out someone else’s shortcomings or wrongs, but the VERY LAST to apologize or admit that she could even be anywhere near the neighborhood of wrong.  As she is steadfast in this trait, I feel it is my responsibility to torture her further when her daughter is acting out.  Just another service I offer.  I must point out that I do not do this to be mean to her.  Since, she flat out refuses to apologize EVER, I feel that she should know what it feels like to be trying to parent the best you can and have some one nag you about it.  That’s all.




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