Rock Chalk

30 03 2008

kansas-bb.jpgI’m not a huge sports fan.  Never been into the whole March Madness phenomenon.  Recently, I had a conversation with Jake about picking an activity-at least one (besides video games) to get involved in and I would support his choice.  I left it open as far as music or sports or even some kind of theater activity.  He has taken karate, piano and t-ball in the past.  He just didn’t get into any of it.  Anyway, all that to say he has yet to make a choice.

I not-so-secretly have in mind what I would like for him to do.  Play basketball.  My boy has some height on him.  And, yes, I know this could change.  (When I played b-ball in elementary school, I was the center at 5’5″.  And I haven’t grown since 5th grade.  Not height-wise, anyway.)  His pediatrician thinks he will be over 6 feet tall. 

My mindset in trying to get him to get interested in basketball was for me to take an interest in b-ball.  What better time to take interest than March Madness??  So I have been watching KU play and even filled out a tourney bracket.  So tonight, instead of going to church (oops) we watched KU play.  I think between my interest and that fact that I tell him KU is my Alma mater, he actually got into the game tonight.  And it was a great game.  It was a great opportunity for me to teach him some of the rules and terminology.  Now, hopefully, he will be interested in joining a league next year.

Mission accomplished.  Hopefully.



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