April Fool

1 04 2008

For the first time ever, I was NOT the fool today.  I played a pretty good joke on my co-workers, though, due to the fact that they are aware of my personal life and  use of the internet.  I could not have pulled this off if I had to do it face to face because I am a terrible liar, even when it is a joke.  So this is what I did.

I had, coincidentally, taken the morning off to get my hair done, but my stylist cancelled, so I took breakfast to my sister, whose birthday is today.  I went to work around noon.  I got some stuff done and then, casually sent out an email.  I am such a dork, I was laughing as I typed it.  It read:  Ladies,  I went to the doctor this morning and it’s official, I’m pregnant!  I’m due Christmas Eve and am excited despite the less than ideal circumstances.  We have not decided what the future holds, but are looking forward to this baby.  Just wanted you to know in case I start acting weirder than usual. 

Then, I send a second email that simply said, “April Fool!”

This is funny for a couple of reasons: 1. They all know that I am not and have not dated since the divorce (which, really, is more sad than funny)  2. I just got divorced for crying out loud.  I was going to add something about the ex being the dad, but I didn’t want anyone to have a heart attack.  And THAT is so NOT funny.

Anyway, I thought it was funny because I haven’t even KISSED anyone for over a year.  So, becoming pregnant would be a miracle of God. 




2 responses

2 04 2008

OMG, why didn’t I think of that?! I’ve been without for over a year now myself and my friends would have FELL OUT if they thought I actually WAS pregnant. Especially since they know I haven’t been dating (or think I haven’t) and I’ve always said I probably won’t be having children in this lifetime. Damn, I’ll have to remember that for next year! Thanks for the laugh.

2 04 2008

Glad you enjoyed it…=)

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