13 05 2008

So tonight while watching “The Hills” season finale on MTV, a preview for a new series aired.  It is a spin off of “Sweet Sixteen,” a show that highlightssweet 16 parties.  I watched a few episodes of this show and was floored by the cost of these parties, some well into six-figures.  This was unbelievable to me.  I do not feel that I lack anything nor am I in any way deprived.  So, in the new show, “Exiled,” the girls featured in “Sweet Sixteen” are now out of high school and still act like spoiled brats.  Shock.  Their parents decide to send them, with the help of MTV, to an indigenous village to learn how to work and how the “other” world lives.  During the preview, the girls are FAH-REAKIN’ OUT.  Each one is in disbelief that daddy would send them off half-way around the world.  The thing is?  I would much rather have the experienceof going to Africa or India than I would a big ol’ party.  I do not like being the center of attention.  I do not like how people who are act.  I know that I am more than capable of acting a-fool in multiple situations.  I certainly do not want to be the focus of the day when I am doing so.  That is why I do not get out much. 

I can’t help but think how this experience will not do much for the world’s view of Americans.  It will, hopefully, be a life-changing event for these girls.  I will be watching since I don’t have a life and will let you know how it goes.

Without cable, I am nothing.

Here is an article about the show.  I could not find the preview on youtube-check it out if you get a chance and can find it.!-spin-off-featuring-my-super-sweet-16-teens-6392.php



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