Special ED

14 05 2008

For one of my jobs, I work in the Special Education Department of a school district.  The job mainly entails administrative work and sometimes I am required to visit school for various reasons.  Yesterday, I visited a dozen schools to pick up activities.  Busy and somewhat hectic was my day.

I walked into a classroom of a middle school to talk to a teacher.  As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a student yelling “OH SNAP!” at me.  Because of his lisp, it sounded more like “OH STHNAP!”  Funny.  And shocking.  I utilized my coping strategies from the psych unit.  Avoid eye contact.  Pretend to be invisible.  And busy.  I also instinctively backed myself against the door.  In order to facilitate a quick exit.  I conversed with the teacher briefly and he directed me to another room.  He offered to have a student direct me, but I assured him that I could find it on my own.  What is funny ,and incredibly sad, is I wasn’t taken back by getting male attention from a student, I was taken back, shocked to be getting any male attention.  Never mind the fact that he is in MIDDLE SCHOOL.  Or the fact that he is in special ed. 

My life just gets more and more pathetic by the day.

At least I know where to go if I want a date.


***please note: I hope that it is understood that I am not making fun of him-at all.  I am making fun of ME.  It is much easier.***




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