Oops! He did it again

24 05 2008

He proved what a complete ASS he is.  I am totally used to his behavior toward me.  When he starts taking it out on Jake…that truly pisses me off.  I won’t get into the whole story-in short he is blowing Jake off because he is mad at me.  Which would be fine if I were not scheduled to work all weekend.  My mom will watch Jake-that is no big deal.  And Jake will have a total blast.  The point is if the ex-factor decides on a whim that it’s my weekend with Jake, I do not want to be working!  It makes me sad for Jake. My little man called his dad and he would not answer his phone.  Jake’s hurt feelings were heard in his sad, quiet voice when he told me..  And I am stuck at work.  I am so furious at him for hurting Jake’s feelings! I know he is master at hurting people’s feelings.  It was a mainstay in the marriage.  For him to be this down right slimy to his own child, well, that is the lowest of low. 

I am constantly disgusted at now mean and rude people can be.  Another reminder that we live in a fallen world.




One response

27 05 2008

I have NEVER understood the asinine behavior of those who foolishly use their own children as a means of getting back at or trying to hurt an ex. What exactly does that prove? That their contempt and hatred for another is more important than the love of their own child? Great parenting, right? Sorry you have to deal with such an ASS!

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