WOW. I’ve never had anyone else poop my pants.

9 06 2008

Also, I have no memory of ME pooping my pants.  You know…for the record.

On to my story.  Today my sister, my friend and I took all the kids to see Kung Foo Panda.  I held my sweet baby niece most of the time.  She is 7 weeks old and is such a doll.  I am wearing a long, billowy shirt.  I am holding the baby after she eats and I notice a minor explosion in her pants.  Then I do what any good aunt does and I hand her off to her mom.  I am sitting there and start to notice that my pants and shirt feel wet against my skin.  Then…oh lord….I touch my shirt.  Squish.  It was totally gross.  And I notice the front of my pants also are wet and gross.  I then go to the restroom where my sister is changing the baby. 

“Your daughter shit on me.”  And then I show her my shirt.  It is a pattern shirt with a “new” mustard yellow color added for fun.  It didn’t smell too bad, really.  And the baby is so cute that I can’t be mad.

I am making my sister buy me lunch, though.  It is the least she can do.



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