Totally Dorking Out

13 06 2008

That should be no surprise to anyone who knows me.  Or who reads this.  All 1.5 of you.

Anyway, I have been keeping an eye on how much I am spending on stuff.  Not really altering spending behavior, just assessing it.  One obvious money suckage is gas.  I am proud to say that I filled up today and calculated my MPG and the number is 28.74 MPG.  Not too shabby.

Let me further explain the stats of my little car-1998 Ford Contour.  I have owned it for about 4.5 years and it has been paid off for 2.5 years.  I have less than 100,000 miles on it and have only had one major repair, the front end went out costing about $700.  I am just so proud of this investment and how well it has fared for me.  Another bonus is I only fill up with gas twice a month.  I am driving much less this summer and I am hoping to make it on one tank a month.  Awesome!

I paid off my only credit card yesterday and have one outstanding bill that I will have paid off by the end of the summer.  Sweet!

All of this is very good news to someone who has made some very bad choices, financial and otherwise.  I am proud until I think of how old I am and how I should have gotten it together along time ago. 

Regardless….yea me!  Really it is God.  Yea, God!

Side note:The next person round my age up to FORTY will get a boot to the head.  For the love of God and all that is holy, why would one ADD FIVE YEARS to a woman’s age.  EVER and especially when these persons know how old I am.  Please, please, PLEASE let me work through this decade before I start even thinking about the next.




One response

13 06 2008

OK how proud am I of you?!?! VERY!!!! You’re awesome! Now, if only we can set our plans for Chitown in order!!!

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