Family Jewels

20 07 2008

Last week Jake and I rode with my friend, Julie and her 3 boys in her minivan to Lawrence.  Four wild boys in a van.  Wild, obnoxious boys.  It was unnerving to say the least.  I peek around my seat to see that one of the boys has a pocket knife.  My anxiety rises sharply.  Then I hear one of the boys threaten to stab my Jake in the penis.  I’m pretty sure that I nearly had a stroke.  Yet quick-witted Jake says, “Don’t do that….I might need it later.”

I then confiscated the knife.  And prayed that I would not have a grandchild until AT LEAST 2025.



16 07 2008

Today my youngest sister relays a story to me of an argument that she had with my niece-an almost 3-year-old firecracker little girl.  Both females are bullheaded, to be sure.  The youngest is more so, and had more energy, so she usually wins out on any power struggle that may ensue.

Today they are arguing about nothing in particular and my niece says to her mother, “You can’t come to my party!”  She will be turning 3 in September and she will remind you every chance she gets.

So my sister says, “Well, then, who will bring the cake?”  “I will,” spouts Sassypants.

Then my sister says, “Who will bring the presents?”

My precious niece’s response??

Tina will.”  Hair flip included.  How I love that sassy munchkin.

The best part about her?  She is not my child.  I can spoil her and I do.  And then I send her home.  Gotta love it!

English as a First Language

9 07 2008

Today, Jake and I went to the Natural History Museum located on the KU campus.  While we were standing outside of the museum, I pointed to a building and told Jake that was where I went for my French and English courses.  He gives me a puzzled look and says, “What did you take English for?  You already know that language.”  I love his perspective on things!  He is such a crack up!