I am not THAT mom.

26 08 2008

You know the one.  Who thinks her kid is so smart.  Genius.  Gifted, if you will.  I have proof, though, people.  In second grade, he took a standardized math assessment test and scored 100%.  And he missed ONE SPELLING WORD.  ALL YEAR!!! 

This isn’t a “oh, look how bright my kid is” kind of thing;  I have proof.  Evidence of his genius.  And every year I mention, in an almost whisper to his teacher, “I think Jake is bored at school.  What can we do?”  And I get the same look that I got tonight.  I could read it in her eyes and her smirk, “Oh, she’s one of thosemothers.”  Honestly, it irritates me.  I am not a mother who fabricates my son’s skill or intelligence.  I was hoping the school would work with him more so that he would be able to reach his potential.  I do what I can at home, which has something to do with him excelling.  I would home school, if I could.  And I think about it more and more each year.  The thought of his potential being stifled is infuriating.  My potential was not reached because my parents didn’t believe in me.  I want to see Jake be all the he can be.  Just, hopefully, not in the ARMEE.  I fully admit to being overzealous because my parents were under zealous.  My intention as Jake’s mom is for him to fully, completely and unconditionally that I am behind him and that I support his goals and dreams.

Okay, so maybe I am THAT mom.


I lost a friend today

6 08 2008

A dear, dear friend.  It is surreal.  One month ago she and I were playing Bunco with our friends eating and drinking and being our merry selves.  I could tell she was slipping mentally.  She had been for a while.  She and I worked together for over 7 years and it was just an unwritten job description that fellow employees covered for her.  We carried her for a long time so that she could keep her job.  The task was daunting at times, and was worth it. 

Yet, while we were playing Bunco, I knew that she was declining.  She was walking and talking and joking around.  And asking my about Jake, as she always did, and always enjoyed my Jake stories, which are many and surely annoy most people.  Being a mother to 4 boys herself, she loved Jake.  Loved hearing about his recent witty comments or antics.  I love her for listening to a proud mother go on and on and on and on.  I try not to be so boastful, yet sometimes I can’t help it.  And if there is anything that pierces me to the core of my soul, it is when someone loves my boy.  Words cannot describe it. 

My dear friend, Jo, cancer came and took you away.  So quickly.  Too quickly.  I thank God that, for you, it was fast and you did not suffer long.  I thank God that your family was with you and able to be with you and say their “see you laters.”  I thank God that my last memories of you are of our happy, sassy Jo.  You are so dear to my heart.  I love you and I will miss you so much.  Thank you for teaching me how precious life is and not to waste a moment.  Until we meet again my beautiful friend….