I am not THAT mom.

26 08 2008

You know the one.  Who thinks her kid is so smart.  Genius.  Gifted, if you will.  I have proof, though, people.  In second grade, he took a standardized math assessment test and scored 100%.  And he missed ONE SPELLING WORD.  ALL YEAR!!! 

This isn’t a “oh, look how bright my kid is” kind of thing;  I have proof.  Evidence of his genius.  And every year I mention, in an almost whisper to his teacher, “I think Jake is bored at school.  What can we do?”  And I get the same look that I got tonight.  I could read it in her eyes and her smirk, “Oh, she’s one of thosemothers.”  Honestly, it irritates me.  I am not a mother who fabricates my son’s skill or intelligence.  I was hoping the school would work with him more so that he would be able to reach his potential.  I do what I can at home, which has something to do with him excelling.  I would home school, if I could.  And I think about it more and more each year.  The thought of his potential being stifled is infuriating.  My potential was not reached because my parents didn’t believe in me.  I want to see Jake be all the he can be.  Just, hopefully, not in the ARMEE.  I fully admit to being overzealous because my parents were under zealous.  My intention as Jake’s mom is for him to fully, completely and unconditionally that I am behind him and that I support his goals and dreams.

Okay, so maybe I am THAT mom.




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26 08 2008

You have every right to be that mom. One spelling word the entire year? Wow! I’m proud of Jakey. If the school isn’t willing to cooperate can you contact the school board? I’d look into it more because you don’t want to end up singing your shoulda coulda wouldas

Keira got offered a scholarship to a private school. Craig and I decided together (can you believe that?) to let Keira make the decision so she starts next month. She missed several spelling words throughout last year, but thank goodness she made up for it in other areas.

Be a proud mama you deserve it. You truly know what’s best for your kid!!

8 09 2008
Big Pumpkin

Oh, you are so THAT Mom!!!! hahahaha……..Honey, if you have a smart kid, you have a smart kid. And you have every right to want what’s best for him. A friend of mine, her kid could read at 3 and the teachers didn’t even know that!!! How well do they know the kids anyway! She was livid because obviously, he was so bored at school and with the teachers not even knowing that he could read, he was just not doing much at school. Came home really full of energy because non was burnt up at school. He deserved better.

So if I were you? Just do what you have to do. If you get the look, so you get the look. But Jake needs to be the winner in this 🙂 He deserves it.

Speaking of which, I totally hear you about our parents being under-zealous, which is alone already an understatement *wink*

2 10 2008

My daughter was bored just two years ago in her class and it showed. She was shutting down and starting to hate school. I am not yet sure the damage from one school year of boredom.

In my opinion, the teacher can suck it up and either live with you riding her backside for your sons benefit or improve her class so your son is not bored!

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