What a day, what a day.

6 10 2008

And not in a good way.  So many things to blog about-I will start with the trip to McDonald’s.  Let me preface this by saying the food is ick (though the fries are good) and in the Play land?  I can practically see germs crawling around.  BLEECH!  Despite all of my angst toward Mickey D’s, my sister and I agreed to meet there today for lunch.  The kids love it and they get toys and, hopefully, exhaust themselves into an early afternoon nap.  So the adventure begins.

Jake and Kayla run off to play, my sister runs to get food and I am holding the baby.  A girl, with apparently no boundaries, walks up, starts TOUCHING THE BABY (this is the first time that I nearly freak) and then asks if she can hold the baby.  I tell her that she will have to ask the baby’s mom, who is getting food.  Then this girl, who is about 8 or 9 says, “So are you the grandma?”  Thirty-five year old grandma?  RIIIIGHT.  The girl meets my sister at the door and follows her to the table.  “Can I hold your baby?” the girl said.  My sister said no with her mouth, but her face said “Over my dead body.”

As we are enjoying? our food, the same girl and her brother are literally hovering over us as we eat.  Looking at Jake’s and Kayla’s toys, picking up and touching things that do not belong to them and touching the baby-basically trying to send me over the edge.  I realize this is not a fine dining establishment;  we are trying to enjoy an afternoon with family.  Is that too much to ask??

My sister had also brought a bag of suckers with tissue tied around them, so they look like little ghosts.  The girl came over and picked one up, looked at it and kept talking about it.  Finally, my sister told her she could have it and then shooed her away, only to have her brother come up to get a sucker.  No big deal, I suppose.  I do not allow Jake to act like that because I think it is rude to touch other people’s things.  To each their own.

I realize that I do not know the story behind why these children act as they do.  I believe in teaching children boundaries in this scary world and definitely some manners.  I know I sound like a total bitch.  Remember though, I was just accused of being a GRANDMA.




2 responses

6 10 2008

Ewww.. doesn’t that just annoy the hell out of you? PEOPLE do that type of stuff to me all the damn time. Your sister should stick a sign to your niece’s butt! Miss you love you, I know I didn’t call, but I’m in the process of moving and it’s really sucky now.

28 11 2008

Can I come sleep over? I just want to pretend that I’m not an adult anymore and eat cheerios all day. Can I? Please?

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