Great Loss

7 11 2008

Overall, not necessarily a bad day.  Just a bad day in regards to one issue in my life.

For YEARS, one of the ladies that I work with has wanted to set me up with her son.  At first, I was skeptical.  I mean, how bad does it have to be for your MOTHER to set you up on a date?  And then I got back together with Jake’s dad.  And then I got married.  And my friend was so pissed at me when I got married that she would not talk to me from the time I got engaged to the time I left him, which was about a year.  No sooner did the words, “I’m getting divorced,” come out of my mouth and she is back wanting to set us up again.  By now, though, I had seen him.  CUUUUTE.  I was shocked.  I saw him from time to time since he worked at the hospital.  Our interactions were fun and he seemed like a happy-go-lucky type of person.

So this summer we finally went out.  It was a budding romance.  I liked him and could see that this was a relationship that could go somewhere.  We have a lot in common and maintain our own interests.  And just when I start to get excited about the potential, he dies.  Drops dead at the age of thirty one.  It still breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes.  I do not trust easily, at all.  To find someone I find worthy of my trust is a near miracle.  Now he is gone forever.

What saddens me more than anything is thinking of, talking to and praying for his family.  They lost another son/brother 14 years ago and it was devastating for them.  Now this.  I have trouble wrapping my head around this.  I can hardly believe it.  How and WHY would God allow this to happen to them AGAIN. 

The fact that my friend still manages to get up and get dressed is awesome.   She is the most amazing person that I have ever known.  I can not and do not want to imagine what her pain must feel like. 

If you think of it, pray for them.



2 11 2008

My goal is to participate and write and blog everyday for the month of November.  This is my first entry.  Lame.  Yes.  Deal with it.