Birthday Blahday

26 02 2009

I should know better than to work on my birthday. Especially when said work is dealing with 12 shades of crazy.   Right now, I am arguing with a patient who is delirious. I am not even kidding. I see a whole mess of mimosas in my very near future.

I found out this week that Jake’s dad has a girlfriend, which is big news for me-in a good way. I knew that he would have to more on before I did. Not in a conceited way. I just know that I am better able to deal than he is.  My issues with the situation are how she and her kids treat Jake and that she calls my dog, her dog.   The dog thing irritates me, but I have let it go.   I talk to Jake about the woman’s son and he acts like he doesn’t have fun.  And we both are treading in new territory.

I am excited and feel a sense of liberation. Not that I felt obligated, I just know his limitations and am sensitive to them. And it would drive him crazy to know another man was hanging out with Jake.   Little does he know, my boundaries regarding Jake and introducing someone new, are quite different than his. 

Anyway, it feels good to think about a fresh start.




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