Crazy Train

*Cue Ozzy*

I have two part-time jobs.  I don’t mind my schedule. Both jobs are fairly flexible and one breaks up the monotony of the other.  (yeah right)

During the week I work I work for 6 Autism Specialists, doing whatever they want me to do.  I enjoy it;  I feel a sense of accomplishment and appreciation.  And I love everyone that I work with.  I have trouble deciding who I like the best.

I spend a good portion of my weekend riding the crazy train on into Monday, by working on a psych unit.  Since I work part-time at each job(30 hours/week at each job), it makes time spent more tolerable than if I worked one of these jobs full time.  no thanks

So I’ve boarded for my weekend adventure and, hopefully, I’ll make it to Monday unscathed. Because around here, YOU NEVER KNOW.


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